The Austrian Education System – Guide

“The Austrian Education System” – A Guide for Newcomers If you are considering moving to Austria with your family, it is essential to understand the country’s education system. The Austrian education system is designed to provide students with a solid foundation for their academic and professional success. With a variety of schools, programs, and disciplines, […]

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Growing Value and Value Growth

Alfons Fanta* Shared Values Over Superficial Employer Branding What does it mean to be an “attractive employer”? And how can you bind your employees to your company in the long term while providing them with the necessary space for job satisfaction and personal growth? A company should represent and be true to what it really […]

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Trust in the Workplace

“Trust in Trust!” An appeal for more trust in the workplace – by Alfons Fanta The last few months have shown how important a strong, resilient corporate culture is. Since trust is, in my opinion, one of the central values for this, I would like to share a few aspects of it, especially in the […]

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