Visions & Values

We want to do it better. Really change something. Inspire people, make them reconsider behavior and question familiar things. But how? By setting an example. Showing others, what you want to achieve. Or at least trying to do so. Again and again, each and every day. That is LEIWI.

Passionate (Leidenschaftlich)

Finding the tasks that really suit you. Discovering the talent, you have been awaiting for such a long time. That’s what we do each and every day with great enthusiasm. And in doing so, we will not give up until the time has come and the perfect match is found.

Dedicated (Engagiert)

We persistently regulate our objectives with big effort. Why? Because we are only satisfied, when everyone else involved is as well. Why else? Because we have fun doing our work – that guarantees outstanding quality.

Upright (Integer)

People can achieve great things when they trust each other, because they can build on a foundation, which weathers all storms. Authentic in appearance, honest in conversation, open in giving feedback – that’s how we want to treat each other.

Appreciative (Wertschätzend)

Acknowledging and attentive, tolerant and respectful. That’s how we approach our partners and try to make them feel welcome and appreciated. Why? Just because that’s the right way.

Innovative (Innovativ)

Ideas are not something you can force. Innovations cannot be imposed. One can create an environment though, which enables people to evolve and think outside of the box, while setting new trends by doing so.

apsa – all people shall advance

With our philosophy, we get companies and candidates interested in each other and find talents today for the tasks of tomorrow.

“Inspiring people to the new way of work.”