Efficiently, targeted and cross-border – finding extraordinary talents.

We procure high potential applicants – quickly and straightforward

We procure talents – quickly and straightforward. A talented and motivated team is the foundation of success. We find the people, who will move your company forward in the future – quickly and reliably thanks to our LEIWI- method

The working environment is constantly changing. Things that seem to be a given today might be outdated tomorrow. Good to know that there are things that are consistent: We stay true to our values, our requirement of flexibility and our quality. Only those who think outside of the box can improve themselves on a daily basis.

Who we are

As personnel service providers we have gained experience in areas, such as IT, Finance and Sales. As people, we are all different, just the way humans are supposed to be. But as APSA we are a team of individuals, that still have a lot in common: depth of experience, passion for work and taking delight in searching for, finding and procuring talented candidates. Simply put, we take great pleasure in doing our work. Just because it is more than a job. We get the opportunity to witness and help people connect through a meaningful element – their work. We are convinced that dedication, integrity and appreciation provide the foundation for excellent performance. In this way, every assignment is a new adventure and we can proudly say: we will make it happen – for you.

And why we founded apsa

We wanted to do it differently and go our own way. Therefore we separated from a personnel service provider in the IT-segment and founded APSA (formerly APC Personnel Concepts GmbH) in 2014, to make significant changes in this line of work. Today we are more flexible company-wise and set new standards in recruiting, thanks to extremely resourceful searching techniques and our LEIWI- philosophy. But another thing was really important to us from the beginning: We did not only want to live our values, we also wanted to represent them to the outside world.

After all– even when it comes to new associates- what matters, besides qualifications and experience, is especially one thing: the individual. If we managed to bring people and values together, we did our job well – we are certain of that.

Business Culture

How does our client benefit from our work? Does it help him? And if not, what is the point of it all? To optimally support our clients, we ask questions – not only them, but also ourselves. And respond openly, honestly and constructively.

Our Team

Everything we advise you to do, also pertains to us: Co-workers, who contribute their knowledge passionately and dedicatedly, are a company’s most valuable capital. It’s even better, when you get along with each other as well as we do. What can we do for you? Contact Us

Alfons Fanta

Managing Director

Denise Aporius

Finance & Legal | Assistant to the Managing Director

Stefan Hilgner

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Natalie Capek

IT Talent Scout

Anja Aberer

IT Talent Scout

Walter Weissmann

Account Manager

Sheila Kochhar

IT Talent Scout

Leo Heilinger

External Partner

Gerald Dell’mour

AI Workflow Designer

Bence Somogyi

IT Talent Scout

Jessica Pilic

IT Talent Scout

Allen Miles Maccarone

IT Talent Scout

Emily Kubin

Marketing Manager

Cynthia Brzakala

IT Talent Scout

Cilia Kubin

Administrative Assistant

Katalin Nyeste

IT Talent Scout | Partner Manager