Reaching extraordinary talents in a quick and targeted manner

You are looking for the right person for your position - we find them. And Even faster than others, thanks to our LEIWI-method.

Hours can be crucial, when it comes to deciding, which company a high potential applicant chooses to work with. Highly qualified candidates know their value on the international employment market and therefore appreciate professional recruiting even more.

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Your advantages in competing for talents

Sustainably effective Recruiting thanks to LEIWI


Quick and efficient execution

The time is running. Every Company wants to win over the best candidates, to assure success for the future. With our established LEIWI-method, we not only take recruiting off your hands – we also make room for your core business.

Honest Consulting at eye level

The results count. We carefully listen, ask questions and probe into it, if wishes and demands are not in accordance. Because we are convinced, that an honest, open approach guarantees the best results for everybody in the long run.

(Inter)national Candidate Pool

Finding the right people. Way too often, positions are filled with the wrong candidates, just because the direct contact is missing. Our network is updated on a regular basis, to make sure we specifically find the applicants who will expedite your company.

Innovative and flexible placement patterns

Whether you are looking for employees for a permanent position or project-oriented assistance, our patterns are always focused on your specific requirements. This flexible method of operating is a good example of our will to reconstruct our branch of industry.

Personnel Procurement

The needle in the haystack

Winning over demanded specialists and management personnel is a time-consuming endeavor. Let us handle the searching and selection process and subsequently choose your candidate from our qualified suggestions, to find the best option for your company.

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Personnel Leasing

Specialists and technology-heroes

The working environment is in a state of dynamic change – projects and company development often require temporary employment of external specialists. As part of our “Talent On Demand” – program, you will receive the support you need at the moment.

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Project Co-Workers (Contracting)

Experts in action

Concentrating on personal contribution has caused a significant boost of productivity in German and Austrian companies in the last couple of years. We, as experienced specialists, support your company with flexible project co-workers.

More about Project Co-Workers

Efficient recruiting and application management

Efficient processes and quick reactions in competing for the best talents

Finding the right applicants for your company is often time-consuming and resource-intensive. We offer support with our expert team and help to quickly and efficiently occupy vacant positions. The LEIWI-process, developed by us, forms the foundation of our work and your satisfaction.

What our clients have to say about us

Nicole Berlakovich, T-Systems Austria GmbH

„With apsa’s help we are able to fill difficult positions in a short amount of time. We appreciate in particular their honest feedback on the suggested candidates, but first and foremost we feel supported and advised in a very helpful manner. APSA just does things differently than other conventional consulting firms. “

Bettina Jordak, Greentube

„We highly value our cooperation with the apsa-team – we can always depend on each and everyone of them. We especially want to highlight the fast and open communication, the solution-orientated work ethic and the established know-how on behalf of the advisors.“

Astrid-Anna Walter, Head of HR at e-quadrat communications gmbh

„What I particularly like about working with apsa is the above-average selection of suitable candidates for our vacancies. I greatly appreciate the quick response times of my contacts and I always look forward to getting in touch with them.“

Aron Marton, IT Recruiter (ex Axians)

„apsa is more than just a personnel service provider, apsa is a dependable partner, who keeps its promises. They work in a very professional and customer-oriented way, a real insider tip.“

Julia Nierhaus, ContourGlobal

„I particularly appreciate the open and honest communication and the direct exchange with the apsa-team, since it enables us to fill positions with suitable candidates in a quicker and more efficient manner.“

Anette Freiberger, e-quadrat Communications

„We have the feeling, that apsa not only places value on fulfilling the technical requirements of a position, but also on bringing the candidates expectations towards their next job into agreement with the vacant position.“