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Our solution: Recruiting from third countries.

We provide successful placement of academic professionals from the Philippines, Colombia, and Brazil. We offer a consistent, cross-country process chain of the highest quality!

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Shortage of Professionals in Austria

Problem: Local skilled workers and qualified personnel from the EU are increasingly scarce, with open positions remaining unfilled.

Solution: To sustainably, effectively, and efficiently address your professional shortage, we offer you, as a personnel decision-maker, uncomplicated access to our international network of experts.

High Turnover & Service Obligation

Problem: A shortage of personnel in the hospital sector leads to, among other things, bed closures or delayed procedures. In other areas, projects cannot be completed on time, thus the service obligation is not adequately met.

Solution: By accessing our international partner and professional network, we can offer businesses the flexibility and impact while maintaining a consistent staffing level and predictable costs.

Immense Time & Cost Spiral

Problem: The ongoing recruitment and integration of new employees involves high costs and significant organizational and personnel efforts.

Solution: Tailored to specific requirements, we create detailed profiles and find talents that best fit your needs. Besides professional qualifications, we also pay close attention to personality and compatibility.


  • Talent search for academic professionals (IT, Healthcare, Nursing)
  • Pre-selection of candidates
  • Online interviews between candidates and companies
  • Confirmation of employment



  • Language training in the country of origin
  • German or Austrian language certification at the desired level (A1 to B2)
  • Preparation for life in Austria
  • Document management
  • Submission of professional permits



  • Continuous support by native speakers
  • Organization of the journey to Austria
  • Integration in Austria
  • Assistance with recognition of qualifications, if required

Our Process | From on-site recruiting to language training in the country of origin, all the way to integration in Austria.

1 | Needs Analysis

In a personal conversation, we discuss your needs and requirements for the sought-after professionals, to optimally support you in the search for qualified professionals.

2 | Recruitment

We collaborate with reputable agencies in the Philippines, Brazil, and Colombia to ensure reliable and high-quality personnel placement. By providing continuous support throughout the entire process, we minimize the dropout rate.

3 | Assessment Test and Language Courses

Professionals receive a high-quality, job-specific language training for a seamless integration process. We exclusively place personnel with German or Austrian language certification at your desired level (A1 to B2).

4 | Visa and Entry Preparation

We support the foreign professional throughout the migration process, including training, recognition of qualifications, administrative procedures, and compliance with relevant regulations. This also encompasses assistance with entry preparations and access to the Austrian job market, providing cultural and individual support.

5 | Professional Recognition

Even in the professional's home country, we initiate the process of professional recognition. This includes preparing the professionals for their knowledge examination and their future roles in Austria, as well as assistance with the Red-White-Red Card process.

6 | Beginning of Employment in Austria

After completing all necessary steps, including entering Austria and the knowledge examination, the professionals can commence their duties. We assist with the entire onboarding process and are happy to continue offering our support thereafter.

Our Services for Agencies & Partners

Our expertise in international recruiting offers a range of possibilities for potential partnerships. Whether it’s serving industries outside your focus, offering exclusive job placements for your clients, or augmenting your own skilled staff – we are your ideal partner for recruitment agencies and service providers.

In addition to specialized support in third-country recruiting, our approach also includes the possibility of sharing and jointly optimizing processes. Learn more about our comprehensive services and how we can help your company overcome the challenges of staffing.

Traditional Recruitment Services

As a partner in recruitment services, we assist you in placing professionals from non-EU countries. Whether IT, service, healthcare, or industry: Our strong networking and local agents ensure a direct connection to experts in all fields.

Service Provider

If you, as a service provider, regularly seek new personnel to expand your growing service team, we are the ideal partner. We maintain close and direct contact with elite training institutions in the Philippines and Colombia, enabling us to connect you with highly qualified professionals in your industry.

Training, Relocation & Onboarding

By coordinating training abroad together and mutually supporting the relocation process, costs and organizational efforts can be minimized for all involved. By pooling resources, we enable more efficient and effective recruiting – a win for everyone.

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