Polyglot Backend Engineer PHP (w/m)





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Polyglot Backend Engineer PHP (w/m)

The firm:

  • We are in the travel/hospitality business, expanded into six global markets and opened global offices in Zurich and other cities like Berlin.
  • Our Zurich team is taking care of two things: API integration with other partners and backend / database of millions of catalogue entries of our partners.
  • The culture: In our team, we value engineering talent and soft skills equally.


The job:

  • We started our company with PHP and we are still using it. So you should be proficient in it or willing to work with it.
  • We will interview you, if you are proficient in any other backend technology, too. Ideally, you are able to code in several language or you have the strong willingness to do so.The interview:
  • We don’t do algorithmic coding challenges but expect you to understand clean software engineering practises and software architecture.

Marcus Pausa, MA, BSc. (WU)

Recruiting Specialist
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Marcus Pausa, MA, BSc. (WU)